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Chat Ban

By WhiskeredBoy
#chat  #ban  #chat  #psn 

By Hey Im Swat
1 266

Help with someone Spamming my GT


By Hey Im Swat
2 311

Funny Chat lines Hot

By Tyyger

By Runswithduck
21 2414

Need unbanned please ://

By ronjohn1992

By TheBigL
1 512

Is LFG chat down or is it me?

By RegardedZero
#lfg  #chat  #down? 

By xorth
3 1117

Chat box

By So Back Off
#chat  #idea  #bug 

By Tyyger
1 825

Pop-out Chat Box?

By Wurm

By Wurm
0 653

External Login Bug: Posting under someone else's name.

By TheBigL
#bugs  #chat 

By xorth
7 1303