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Stats are not updating after recent gamer tag :/

By Pugology

By Hey Im Swat
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Stolen Gamertag

By Realmissluxer

By Hey Im Swat
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Gamer tag changed

By b1992

By Fluffiestmuff
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Changed gamertag now stats won't update

By Xuvium

By Hey Im Swat
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If I change my Xbox gamertag to something new, will I lose all of my Destiny Tracker records?

By ericks13

By Hey Im Swat
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XBox GamerTag Issue


By TheBigL
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Error processing request

By Tista8

By Tyyger
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Request for Xbox 360 GT Exchange

By RieverStyx20

By TheBigL
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How do i go back and change this(closed)

By Kawar

By C0ldM0use
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