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Clan stats functionality


By Haplomega
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Incorrect number of PvP matches between Competitive+Quickplay vs Overall

By Silverlite

By masili
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By DUDO775

By Couprr
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DTR Score Bug

By Edward-Alphonse

By xorth
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DTR not uploading stats from matches.

By Necrolily

By Hey Im Swat
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Crucible Stats Not Updating

By BlueRedux

By Rob_Boozecruise
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Iron Banner Mayhem Clash

By PuLSAz0r

By xorth
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Most Sword Kills in PVP Leaderboard

By SleepyDust

By Hey Im Swat
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Error loading data. Please check again later.

By Kaiylw0lf

By Hey Im Swat
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Only Player in Clan Not Showing Up in Clan Stats

By roxisaurus

By Dragslov
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Not understanding combat rateing

By penehoff

By Mardok
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Daily K/D stats (still) wrong?!

By BlueMountain65

By Hey Im Swat
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Retaining Stats and characters of Old acc owner

By Dyse

By xorth
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Stats are not updating after recent gamer tag :/

By Pugology

By Hey Im Swat
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Iron Banner ELO & stats not updating for week of 8/16/2016

By sirq2345

By Hey Im Swat
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Legacy Console Stats and Account Import


By Hey Im Swat
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Error Finding Stats

By Beware Dregs

By Hey Im Swat
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Updating stats frequency

By Pyromadman1

By Hey Im Swat
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Stats still don't update, missing games in Clash playlist but not game viewer

By taxemic

By taxemic
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Wrong person's stats under my GT

By Her BenevoIence

By xorth
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Searching for GT/PSN ID doesn't return results

By Niamh5445

By Hey Im Swat
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Clan Stats on DestinyTracker

By LaGucciVida

By LaGucciVida
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Additional details to Post Game Carnage reports

By JonnySteez

By JonnySteez
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Stats Not Transferring Correctly!

By zIProphet

By xorth
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[Site Score Bug] My stats are incorrect

By BlisterExist22

By xorth
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[Update Stats Bug] I can't update my stats

By TriKStaH NL

By xorth
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All Crucible matches showing up as Rumble?

By liquidforcee134

By xorth
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My account will not show up for my state or in My Stats.

By losinshadowz

By TheBigL
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Character Deletion

By ForeverBlue

By Hey Im Swat
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My new Hunter ?


By Yin
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Cannot find my stats please help


By Jennie
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im going to delete a character does the stats get erased?

By JGurd

By JGurd
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Sub Class Analysis by MKerrsive

By MKerrsive

By xii alpha iiixx
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Map Specific Stats


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Stats over time?

By Palecomic

By Palecomic
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Unable to access My Stats

By Klopzi

By Hey Im Swat
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Linked account via MSFT

By Just Phanes

By Hey Im Swat
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How to change current viewed character on Playlists?

By FattyMoBookyButt

By TheBigL
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SWORDS USED statistic is missing from database

By Foti

By TheBigL
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Option to not record.

By Faeyrin

By Faeyrin
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Detailed Weapon/Armor Perk Statistics

By Keonelehua

By Keonelehua
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Stats not working

By xavininho10

By Hey Im Swat
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stats not updating correctly

By Nekrow

By Nekrow
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Stats not updating

By benwaynet

By TheBigL
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Nightfall / Heroic Strike History

By xorth

By xorth
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What is Destiny's Rarest loot?

By Nerf Herder 83

By Nerf Herder 83
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Joining games in progress (PVP)

By Uncle Elrond

By Uncle Elrond
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Unable to search my stats since i changed my gamertag.

By Hongryy

By xorth
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Only 1 character but different percentile/ranking?

By dukeofplatypus

By xorth
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No Stats

By Southpaw

By TheBigL
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Stats say they've been updated, but don't seem to have counted any of my last dozen games or so

By Snuggs

By Sengir79
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Stats are not correct for me

By NewGordon

By NewGordon
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Few ideas...

By t0nin0t

By Mr Rusty Nail
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How did you do this awesome website ?

By Elsenthil

By Tyyger
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DT Stat Calcs

By AnnualCalendar

By Tyyger
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No stats available?

By termina11ychill

By TheBigL
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PvE Stats?!

By LightningSt0rm
#pve  #stats 

By LightningSt0rm
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Leaderboard/Stats Database - How does it work - Does it list all players?

By punxrox

By punxrox
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