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I noticed my daily k/d is not tracking correctly on my Warlock. If you take my total kills for today compared to my total deaths it's 112 kills versus 92 deaths for a k/d of 1.22 yet the Crucible page shows my daily k/d is 1.09 for today. I checked the numbers for yesterday and they're wrong as well. 170 kills versus 156 deaths for a k/d of 1.09 but the Crucible page shows my daily k/d at 1.06 for 8/25/16.

Then I noticed when looking at the games page it lists today's games (8/26/16) then yesterdays games (8/25/16) then it lists games for 8/25/16??? Something is clearly not right there. The same day is listed twice under the heading Yesterday and 8/25/16.

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