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Just curious as to whether this kind of tracking might be looked into at some point or if the sites aim is to be entirely PvP?

Now i understand this site looks to be crucible related and give all the facts and stats on that which is great but i think a great addition to the site would be similar stat breakdowns for more PvE related activities, namely raids. As it stands currently the PvE stats i believe are lacking as they currently only contain completions and basic info on kills and id like to see more info on weapons used, time for each encounter, average and best kills per raid/nightfall, how many times you've wiped, best team composition, the list could go on. Various things like the performance tracking but for PvE would be amazing for those who focus a little less on PvP. Now im no expert on the API so im not sure as to what would be available to show as far as PvE tracking but im sure there could at least be a little more.

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