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So I mostly utilize for my games. I have been playing with most people on there going on 2+ years. Now with private matches we can all jump in and have a great time, however the one thing that I feel like we struggle with, that DTR could help with, is building the teams when running private matches. Right now, i feel like we spend 10 - 15 minutes screwing around changing teams around. If we had a place on DTR to go where we could enter the number of players, and the gamertags of the players, and then based on data DTR already has, match the teams.

Any chance this could be thrown together?

Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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Hey, @Ma1arky

That's a great suggestion. Could I ask you to use our contact page to forward this idea to the admin/developer teams? They don't browse the forums much but the contact page sends an email straight to their inboxes so they are guaranteed to see it there.

Thanks for this suggestion. :-)

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