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The Order of Dark Ruin

Fear none, for we are many.

-Rules of engagement- 1. As a member, that flies our banner, you have a sense of pride. Your voice will be heard this is YOUR clan be the change. 2. Be courteous when joining a party, get a feel for age levels, maturity levels, and act accordingly. Treat others as you would want to be treated. If you're ever offended at any point, voice that you were offended, and if problem continues seek admins council. The problem will be dealt with accordingly. The object of our clan is to create an escape from daily struggles, and set a comfortable atmosphere for fun and learning. 3. Racial, gender, sexual orientation, sexual innuendo, vivid detail of atrocities, etc. Will not be tolerated and isn't encouraged. 4. As a member you'll be given 3 strikes, if you ever leave you'll be shunned. As a family we don't hurt or turn our backs on each other. 5. Have fun, meet new people, accomplish the unthinkable (: -xNotoriousErbx

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