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Available Bounties


Call Lightning

Get 30 kills with Arc Abilities.

Hand of Thunder

Get 30 Arc weapon kills.


Get 5 kills within 3 seconds 5 times using a Heavy Weapon.

Elite Breaker

Defeat 10 Cabal Majors or Ultras.

Taken Hunting

Defeat 10 Taken Majors or Ultras.

Dreadnaught Reconnaissance

Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Dreadnaught.

Weapons Master

Get 6 rapid kills with any weapon type to earn "Primary Spree", "Special Spree", or "Heavy Spree" Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Perpetual Light

Generate orbs of Light to earn "Cycle of Light" medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.


Kill enemies with melee attacks to earn "Takedown" medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Look, No Ghost

Complete a Strike in the SIVA Crisis Playlist without dying to earn an "Indestructible" Medal.

Weapons Expert

Get 3 rapid kills with any weapon type to earn "Primary Streak", "Special Streak", or "Heavy Streak" Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Tandem Fire

Get 30 rapid enemy kills with your Fireteam to earn "Fireteam Streak" Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Brute Force

Defeat 1 opposing Guardian with a Heavy Weapon.


Defeat an opposing Guardian from behind using Blink Strike.

Organized Play

Complete 3 matches in any playlist(s) while in a Fireteam of 2 or more players.

Take the Middle

Capture Zone B first in a match.

Meticulous Defense

Defeat 3 opposing Guardians in or near an allied Control zone.

Healthy Balance

Complete a match with at least 10 kills and no more than 7 deaths.

Special Events

  • Expires Iron Banner Playlist

The Daily


The Sword of Crota

Infiltrate the Hive Fortress and destroy the legendary Sword of Crota, a weapon once used to slay thousands of Guardians.


"It's a tactical exercise in reinforcing and defending acquired territory. Should the Vanguard ever decide to expand past the walls of the City, the Guardians will be ready." —Lord Shaxx Capture zones to increase points for every kill.

The Weekly

View the Nightfall and Prison of Elders with detailed modifiers at our DB! Nightfall & Prison of Elders