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Re: 390 Crota's End [mention]ZTG Baddy[/mention] Please use our [url=
Re: Keep getting redirected from this page to a spam site Hey, [mention]taxemic[/mention] I've flagged this up to an admin. Thanks for reporting.
Re: Destiny Population Comprehensive Data? Hey, [mention]TonyBlunder[/mention] I'll pass this request on the admin team and see about adding
Re: Join in Progress...Leave or Stay [quote=DADI0LA] Is there some way of having these join in progress matches not affect my score so m
Re: Geo Rank/ Regional Rank Hey, [mention]Wampthing13[/mention] This thread was posted over 7 months ago. Please create a new
[Site News] Age of Triumph Reveal Teaser [youtube]gvggkQs3N8I[/youtube]
Re: for bug aim lost dtr Hi, [mention]MrCarlos007[/mention] I have forwarded this post to the admin team to be looked into
[Site News] Xur Agent of the Nine! Inventory and Recommendations - 3rd March [center][youtube]G_7VrWcblss[/youtube][/center]
Re: Most Sword Kills in PVP Leaderboard Hi again, [mention]SleepyDust[/mention] If our developers feels it's worth adding then they will.
Re: Most Sword Kills in PVP Leaderboard Hey, [mention]SleepyDust[/mention] I'll pass this on to the developers as feedback. Thanks.
Re: DTR BUG Hi again, [mention]ppmancillas[/mention] This thread has been forwarded to an admin. Once I hear
Re: DTR BUG Hey, [mention]ppmancillas[/mention] I have sent you a reply to the PM you sent me but as I told y
Re: DTR BUG Hey, [mention]ppmancillas[/mention] Have you deleted any characters lately? If so, that is why.
Re: LFG Hey, [mention]iiKurrupteD[/mention] What device are you using? I've tested it on my iPhone and ha
Re: Stats not pulling from last night following server maintenance. [mention]DroidTheLegend[/mention] Thanks for the compliment, it makes it all worth while. :-)
Re: Stats not pulling from last night following server maintenance. [mention]NVsnyper[/mention] No problem! If you have any more questions/issues, just ask! Happ
Re: Stats not pulling from last night following server maintenance. Hey [mention]RobWolves[/mention], [mention]DroidTheLegend[/mention], [mention]summa1910[/mention], [
Re: Felwinter Hey, [mention]InventedThought[/mention] It has no use at all other than for 'fun'. Thanks for
[Site News] Destiny Weekly Reset - 14/02/17 [center][youtube]2yitlYtp_ak[/youtube][/center]
Destiny Update [center][img][/img] [color=gold][siz
Re: Missing Rift ELO Hey, [mention]Stormxeno[/mention] Your ELO is likely decreasing due to poor individual performanc
Re: Missing Rift ELO Hey, [mention]Stormxeno[/mention] Please see [url=
Re: Medal: Unknown Hey, again [mention]MLGenius[/mention] I have no idea what medal it is but it's totally not an er
Re: Medal: Unknown Hey, [mention]MLGenius[/mention] Where are you seeing this? You don't have an account linked so I
[Site News] Xur Agent of the Nine! Inventory and Recommendations - 3rd February [center][youtube]fYGkbVK_xzQ[/youtube][/center]
[Site News] Destiny Weekly Reset - 01/31/17 [center][youtube]4pZEhKXkQQM[/youtube][/center]
Re: Deleted character stats No problem, [mention]bisuit01[/mention]. Sorry about that.
Re: Deleted character stats Hi, [mention]bisuit01[/mention] Sorry but, once you delete a character ALL the stats associated w
Re: Error loading data. Please check again later. Hey again, [mention]Kaiylw0lf[/mention] Great to hear! As this issue has been resolved, I'm lo
Re: Error loading data. Please check again later. Hey, [mention]Kaiylw0lf[/mention] The Bungie API was experiencing technical issues on Saturday wh
Re: Supremacy stats? Hey, [mention]GeneralAdein[/mention] This is likely an error. I will ask our admin to look into t
[Site News] Xûr's Inventory 27th Jan. [center][img][/img] [color=Orange
[Site News] This Week At Bungie - 01/26/17 [center][img][/img] [size=18px][color=gold][b]This week at Bungie w
Re: Iron Banner update error Hey, [mention]Ricky Lamb[/mention] Hi, all Iron Banner clash games will fall under the 'Clash' cl
Re: Iron banner clash Hey, again [mention]TDamhert[/mention] [quote]I guess the same will apply to IB Supremacy and IB
[Site News] This Week At Bungie & Xur's Inventory - 01/20/17 [center][img][/img] [color=gold][b]This week at Bungie we have upda
Re: Iron banner clash Hi, [mention]TDamhert[/mention] Due to the way Bungie handles stats, all Iron Banner clash stats
Re: Supremacy stats? Hey, [mention]platotudes[/mention] I'll flag this up to an admin and get back to you ASAP.
Re: Regional Filters Not Working Hey, [mention]Kwondivinus[/mention] You don't have anything linked to your account so you haven't
Re: Regional Filters Not Working Hey, [mention]Kwondivinus[/mention] Thanks for getting back to me. You haven't linked your PS
Re: Regional Filters Not Working Hey, [mention]keepcalmandmida[/mention] If you still need help, [url=
Re: Regional Filters Not Working Hey, [mention]Kwondivinus[/mention] sorry but as this is an English website and I only understand En
Re: In search of a Xbox360 Taken King buddy [mention]wilfredomartin[/mention] Please don't bump year old threads. If you have a question, cre
Re: Tool to make teams for private matches Hey, [mention]Ma1arky[/mention] That's a great suggestion. Could I ask you to use our [url=http:/
Re: Elo update Hey there, [mention]All-Star-Juve[/mention] ELO is currently a few hours behind due to maintence.
Re: ELO POINTS Hey, [mention]Du Do[/mention] ELO is not affected when you delete a character. Please see the [ur
Re: Under Grimoire/Allies/Rasputin Ghost Fragment 3 appears twice Hey, [mention] Slient Assassin[/mention] Thanks for the bug report. Since this thread has noth
Re: Past Stats still carrying over?? Hi, [mention]LaGucciVida[/mention] When you delete a character, all stats (apart from ELO) are de
Re: Can I see how many (active) players a country has? Hey, [mention]Ponntanelli[/mention] [quote=Ponntanelli]Yeah, like the title: Can you see how many
[Site News] This Week At Bungie - 12/08/16 [center][img][/img] [color=gold][b]This week at Bungie we revealed

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