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Re: DTR TrueSkill It must go mostly by W/L ratio and if your in a group. I have a high K/D but a low W/L and I'm alway
Re: Crucible Playlist Divisions Sorry, posted in wrong forum
Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here! Crazy Lag Here
Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here! Iron Banner.......Unbroken Channel https://www.yout
Re: Missing Games Thx bro
Re: Missing Games [quote=JRandoMYo]I checked after posting here, and it's definitely an issue on their end.
Re: Missing Games It's weird, I had one name not show up yesterday for anything......but on my other name everything s
Re: My character isn't updating... Thx for the info
Re: My character isn't updating... So are the games lost.........or will they magically come back?
Re: My character isn't updating... Same here
Re: Recent games not updating. okay.....thx bro
Re: Recent games not updating. Been playing today, I tried the update button and nothing. It does seem to update like 1 of 10 games
Recent games not updating. Anyone else having this problem? it's been since the patch has came out.

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