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I just lost elo for winning

By Sm0oth

By Sm0oth
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PC Trials Elo leaderboards arranged incorrectly

By Warp2618

By SniperPls#1213
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My last 25 games and Session History do not show up.

By visorak

By visorak
2 1576

Missing trials elo

By Slo Hands

By george_qpr95
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Won the game, but lost elo.

By jawn

By jawn
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Games and massive DTR lost

By Skyscrapper

1 1872

Trials elo

By J Coopie

By J Coopie
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Competitive play list not displaying correctly?

By Aston

By Aston
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Lost over 100k dtr without even touching the game

By TheGreatNike
#bug  #dtr 

By TheGreatNike
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DTR score dropped 70k for no reason

By CleverFawn63406

By xorth
1 1874

DTR score dropped 16k for no reason

By Gianpaulo203

By xorth
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Games are randomly not appearing in my 'games' tab.

By taxemic

By xorth
1 2010

Iron Banner Mayhem Clash

By PuLSAz0r

By xorth
6 1600

Dtr score deduction bug

By Peacekeeperfrog

By Peacekeeperfrog
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Lost around 50k DTR Score

By rencksy

By Hello Im Swat
4 1217

for bug aim lost dtr

By MrCarlos007

By rencksy
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By ppmancillas

By Sanmanya
8 2792

Under Grimoire/Allies/Rasputin Ghost Fragment 3 appears twice

By Slient Assassin

By Hello Im Swat
1 949

Supremacy match in rumble section

By Lopen312

By Dragslov
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Error Collecting Stats

By Brioz

By Hello Im Swat
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Stats still don't update, missing games in Clash playlist but not game viewer

By taxemic

By taxemic
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Games missing, stats not updating.

By Destiny is love

By xorth
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Bug on new Stats/Overview Page

By Capricious Kiwi

By Hello Im Swat
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Daily Tracking: K/D does not update

By taxemic

By taxemic
2 1931

This Is The Finland Swag Crew -destiny montage

By Poko069

By Poko069
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Calcified Fragments aren't tracking

By civildysfunction

By TheBigL
5 3300

Mark of the unbroken is not displayed in the medals section

By SirBurstALot

By Yin
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DT Grimoire checklist not properly working

By sedulam

By TheBigL
10 2834

Soloing 'Vault of Glass' is 100% impossible; but for reasons you would not expect!

By RhippiN

By Daimyon
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Site Bugs Guide

By xorth

By purepolygon
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Awesome site, but what about...

By RCMorey11

By TheBigL
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Bug in Grimoire Checklist

By rvesse

By rvesse
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Algorithm Bug!

By McRiP28

By xorth
1 1875

Chat box

By So Back Off
#chat  #idea  #bug 

By Tyyger
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Small suggestions/fixes for leaderboards

By Heke0

By Morarn
4 2000

Possible bug


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External Login Bug: Posting under someone else's name.

By TheBigL
#bugs  #chat 

By xorth
7 1909

When in group..

By TheBigL

By xorth
1 1302

My own findings

By xorth

By TheBigL
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Groups error for Mods.

By TheBigL

By TheBigL
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