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Problem with True Skill on Iron Banner

By TheNightWalkerTM

By TheNightWalkerTM
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true skill progress

By rangagangaa

By Hello Im Swat
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DTR Rank and the Introduction of Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM)

By RioT650

By Hello Im Swat
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My account will not show up for my state or in My Stats.

By losinshadowz

By TheBigL
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Team Doubles Trueskill

By RioT650

By Yin
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Concerning loss of Trueskill due to KTO

By Mats

By TheBigL
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Trueskill confusing

By kingchille

By Mr Jelly Man04
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Destiny 1.1.1 update affecting stats being recorded?

By Tdot-no1z3

By TheBigL
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Algorithm Bug!

By McRiP28

By xorth
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Trueskill not updating

By kingchille

By Tyyger
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Looking for competitive friends. (Xbox 360)

By the new easy

By DeathPenalty
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