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Not Forged In Light

By Dan Griffin

By Dan Griffin
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Vault of Glass - "No Time to Explain" quest

By TheWill23

By f20 snipez
2 1682

Vault Of Glass NM PS4.. Never played it yet

By tehwabb1t

By tehwabb1t
0 1253

[PS4] Rapture Walkers

By VC93Audery

By VC93Audery
0 821

Vault Of Glass raid, looking for atleast 5 people, level 26 hunter Hot

By Possims Revenge

By Theshowishere
26 2364

Vault of glass

By Bjornizzle

By Bjornizzle
0 786

Vault of glass

By Bjornizzle

By Bjornizzle
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Looking to schedule VOG, skype required. Xbox One.

By hells credo

By hells credo
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Venus Outside Map Glitch next to VoG

By ClockingGames

By ClockingGames
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Looking For A Steady Raid Group? Own A PS4?


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PS4-Looking for two more- VoG Normal, at Atheon

By zacharben

By SquidHunter
1 892

raid vault of glass need players

By bathsaltsking

By proffi1
2 1141

Need people to help with vault of glass normal

By DeFi Switch

By tennant1989
1 1031

Fresh VOG raid - need 4 - Hard preferable - looking to earn it all - PS4

By MegaFlare252

By Noobed
4 1335

normal VoG 26 +

By tobytheturtle000

By tobytheturtle000
0 1072

Vault of Glass Raid & Crota's end - AUS (PS4)

By talha900

By talha900
0 1094

vault of glass ps3

By Lenv69

By Lenv69
0 990

Ser_kid is the name

By serkid

By XDutts95x
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Looking for 3 to run VOG normal at 9pm CST 1/4/14

By darthdumbldalf

By darthdumbldalf
0 936

lvl 30 Gatekeeper checkpoint

By PhadeRenegade

By moms luv it
1 1133

PS3 VOG or Nightfall team.

By SmurfBurger

By lucario5
1 1649

VOG norm need 27+

By YuZz x Gooey

By Itonlyrains
3 1201

Vault of Glass, Xbox One, All players welcome

By Lampost64

By AzureRegent
2 1614

Vault of glass [regular] Hot

By vancast9

By spyman014
17 1332

VoG beat Atheon

By corndude101

By corndude101
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Vault of glass xb1 need four!

By Bcakayungbeezy

By toffetoget
1 1049

Looking for Vault of Glass Raid team.

By DoctorRichtofen

By Ghost x Native
5 1134

Warlock Level 28 - Looking for ANYTHING PLEASE - Moe_vocalz (PSN)

By Moevocalz

By Moevocalz
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[Lore] Kabr The Legionless

By Morarn

By Morarn
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VoG Multiple instances of the same "reward" item.

By Anakha

By hailofbullet5
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Looking for crew for vault(normal) invite me HitStickSick

By HitStickSick

By HitStickSick
0 569

Please do adjust your settings

By PsykoPoet

By PsykoPoet
0 707

Join Xbox 360 Vault of Glass (Normal)

By bglen

By bglen
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[PS3] Raid, Vault Of Glass, Normal [Level 26] Fresh Start 4PM UK Time (16:00 GMT/UTC), Today

By Bundee

By Bundee
0 1081

Possible 6th Vault of Glass chest?


By Hi Im Lone Wolf
2 3255

XB1 VoG: New guys looking for comrades

By XiaZhiShu

By Dread Crysis
3 1257

[Lore] Why We Raid the Vault of Glass

By Morarn

By Morarn
0 5239

Aetheon Knock-Off Method

By Wurm

By Jason Hertzog
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