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Okay I know this is going to come off as a stupid a$$ question, but how in the hell do I get exotic weapons now? Before you could use strange coins etc.... but I guess I'm just not up to date with the way Xur works now.... Thanks in advance....

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Other than Xur you'll sometimes get a bounty at the post box in The Tower, and depending on the bounty depends on what you have to do to get said exotic. For example, to do A Light In The Dark one must
Complete The Summoning Pits
Earn 500 points by killing Hive on the Moon (Majors are worth 20 and Ultras are worth 50)
Earn 500 points by killing Guardians in The Crucible with Void damage, each kill is +5 points and each death is -2 points
Obtain an Infusion of Light from The Speaker
Talk to Ikora Rey
Kill Xyor, the Unwed (who is in The Summoning Pits only during this phase of the bounty, Epic is activated and there's no matchmaking)
And after all that you'll go talk to The Speaker and get a Exotic Hand Cannon called Thorn

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Someone created a Exotic Bounty guide located here

It lists all available exotic bounties, the steps to complete the bounties, as well as the resulting weapon.