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~No Heavy Ammo~ is recruiting players on the Ps4! I've created this clan to try and bring dedicated and determined raiders together. My hope for this clan is to form structured raid groups that have a scheduled raid time every week. Raid days are currently Tuesday with additional days added on as needed. Each raid group will be left to its own discretion when deciding times/days. Ideally these raid groups would be formed so that players will have raids scheduled for times that work for them.

What this means for you:

- Scheduled raid time every week
- Playing with the same 5 players
- No longer will you have to game with 5 new people every week!

Current open raid spots:

- Raid Group 1 (Tuesdays 9 PM EST) - 2 Roster Spots
- Raid Group 2 (Tuesdays 9 PM EST) - 1 Roster Spot
- Raid Group 3 (Tuesdays 11: 30 EST) - Multiple available spots

There are some things that are expected of our raiders:

- Please be level 30+ as we are currently only doing CE.
- Have maxed primary, special, and heavy weapons
- Come to raids with plenty of ammo synthesis
- Have a working microphone
- Be older than 18!
- Have a great attitude and plenty of patience (especially for HM!)

Current recruitment needs:

- 32 Hunters (experience with the sword is a big plus!)
- 32 Walocks
- 32 Titans
- Experienced raid leaders that are motivated and interested in leading their own raid team.

If you aren't listed above please feel free to check us out anyway!

With that being said I look forward to playing with you guys/gals and feel free to check out the clan at: