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WARNING. If you don't like spoilers, then this thread isn't for you. Click "Show" to see the upcoming content.

Here is a guide detailing everything that's coming with the future expansion, House of Wolves.

Exotic gear and weapons

-Eternal Warrior (Titan helm)
-The Ram (Warlock helm)
-ExoTac Angel Hunter (Hunter helm)

-ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Titan gauntlets)
-Nothing Menacles (Warlock gauntlets)
-Ikaheka's Hooks (Hunter gauntlets)

-Purifier Robes (Warlock chestpiece)

-Peregrine Greaves (Titan boots)
-Unremarkable Bones (Hunter boots)

-347 Vesta Dynasty (Scout Rifle)
-Lord of Wolves (Shotgun, possible new raid exotic)

New Gear and Raid loot

Along with raid gear, House of Wolves brings new armor and weapons to Crucible and Vanguard vendors. Like its predecessor, The Dark Below. (No details found on the vendor gear, sorry.)

-Titan Raid gear
Wolf Walker Helm
Wolf Walker Cuirass
Wolf Walker Gauntlets
Wolf Walker Greaves
House of Wolves Mark

-Warlock Raid Gear
Will of the Archon
Vestments of the Archon
Grip of the Archon
Stride of the Archon
Archon Beacon

-Hunter raid gear
Eyes of the Kell
Blood of the Kell
Hands of the Kell
Speed of the Kell
Banner of the Kell

-Raid Weapons
The Terror (Auto rifle)
I4I Reciprocal (Hand cannon)
LOBO LFD (Scout rifle)
The Gun with No Name (Pulse rifle)
Ether Torch (Fusion rifle)
By Royal Permit (Sniper rifle)
Docking Party (Shotgun)
Onslaught Solution System (Heavy machine gun)
The Last Rebellion (Rocket Launcher)


-A new Strike playlist titled "Vanguard Dragon", possibly level 28 Vanguard strikes.
-A new strike titled "Traitors' Ketch", taking place on the Moon. "A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker's end."

Story Missions

-Gone to Ground, Cosmodrome. "Find a Wolves baron and his conspirators who have betrayed the Queen and are hiding in the Cosmodrome."
-Wolf Harvest, Venus. "Track down the Queen's traitorous Wolves and recover what they've stolen from the Awoken."
-The Terminus, Venus. "Ascend to the top of the Vex stronghold on Venus and assassinate the Wolves' Kell."


-A brand new raid titled "The Arena", taking place in The Reef.

Crucible maps and game modes

-New game modes "Hardcore" and "Inferno". Disabling motion Tracker and only kills will award points.

-New maps
Black Shield - Firebase Thuria, Phobos.
The Timekeeper - Meridian Bay, Mars.
Thieves' Den - Ishtar Sink, Venus.
Widow's Court - European Dead Zone, Earth.

Zone locations

-Dusk Warren, Moon.
-Traitors' Ketch, Moon.
-The Terminus, Venus.


-37 new legendary ships. Possibly obtained in the new Strike playlist.
-Upgraded legendary armor and weapons from Vanguard and Crucible vendors.

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I was talking with my friends about the strike naming system (Eagle, Snake, Wolf, Tiger, Roc) and trying to come up with what the next one would be. I can now say that I hit the name on the head with Dragon. Next one might be something like Elephant or Mammoth.

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thank you for the information

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It would of been nice if Xur had just one HOW exotic engram or weapon. It's been how long since the last new weapon? It would of created a real frenzy for the soon to come DLC. But again no forethought from Bungie.
Hey Im Swat
Hey Im Swat

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Thanks for this Vek, too lazy to watch the video again.

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I am excited, hope to see some stuff they havent told us actually.

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Thank you for this. Uber helpful!

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