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ok so we all know how the Dark below dlc was complete (insert vulgar word of choice here). Having to spend an exotic shard and tons of glimmer just to restart that weapon and make it 30 more attack higher. That's pretty BS honestly. Then once this new dlc released it made the VoG armor and weapons practically useless because vendors would sell gear that was better than VoG.
So, how can they fix this?

Exotic gear
ok. so here's how I believe this whole issue could be fixed.
2 upgrade paths.
•1st path: only requires glimmer or maybe even glimmer and an exotic shard. but if you choose that path it resets your exotic weapon or armor.
•2nd path: costs glimmer and TWO exotic shards but you keep your upgrades (only applies if gear is maxed out)

So how about those vendors? how do you do that?

being able to upgrade legendary gear just like exotics so that way those who like the traits for VoG gear can still use it for Dark below without feeling like he or she is not as strong. this would also add more variety to the tower, seeing a 32 with VoG gear and dark below gear would be pretty neat. You could make your guardian how you want it without having to worry about your level.
Keep vendor gear below dark below DLC. making this new vendor gear max at 32 would be a bad move. that would make the crotas end another useless raid. make new vendor gear only max at 30. or even 31. that way Crotas end or VoG would still be required to complete house of wolves raid (The Arena).

Ascendant/Radiant Shards
This is actually a great system. New DLC, new way to level up the new raid gear. next DLC also needs new shards. this will prevent people from maxing out the new raid gear the day they get it. I currently have 117 ascendant shards (no Master Chief pun intended) new shards/ energy would mean that people would have to grind that raid more to upgrade their armor. once the house of wolves launches they should add radiant shards and energy to the drop table for packages (vanguard, crucible, faction, ect.), strikes, daily missions, and nightfalls to make the older gear a little easier to upgrade while keep ascendant shards/energy for the crucible, faction, and vanguard gear.

If you have any comments or suggestions, add it below. this is just my opinion on how I believe Bungie could fix the gear in the upcoming DLC.

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New Light level becomes 35. Vault of glass stays level 26. How would you prevent someone from getting gear that would jump a level 24 to 34, thus nulling the reason for Light Levels