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Justin Shepherd

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I am pretty much done with the game, got all the weapons I want, just got ghorn, black hammer and thorn last week. I got loads of time and nothing else to do.

I wanted to try this. Although I cannot find a third person no matter what. I have gotten messages and they all think I need 3 people. I got one guy who joined but then said... No, don't want to waste hours doing it.... Why would you join for a second thinking it would take 10 minutes....?

Anyway. Yes, I want to try to do the vog on hard with 3 people. ONLY. Seems preposterous and insane but it's been done. On normal at least with 3. And we all know it's been done 2 manned etc.

Need a warlock or Hunter with Ghorn. Obviously extremely good at the raid.
Basically giving up after this.

Xbox one.
Neckbeard brony
Felipe Gomez
Felipe Gomez

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