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Pressure the Hinges Gaming is a newly founded clan and has opened it's doors to active Destiny players. The goal of ptH is not to merely have the clan with the most members but to create a community with a family atmosphere. A place where Destiny players can call home. Someplace where they can interact with members and most importantly friends, where both casual and competitive players can find a place to most importantly have fun. I take a lot of pride in what I am trying to create, how we operate and the respect and level of involvement we give our members. After all we understand that our members and their enjoyment here is the most important thing of all.

We do offer several things:
- We accept all experience levels
- A fully functional site with community forums
- Weekly events in PvP and PvE
- Weekly raid clinics for members who either haven't raided yet or have minimal experience
- A Leadership structure for those who want a more involved role within the clan

We only have a few requirements:
- 18+ years of age is preferred but will offer a longer evaluation period to those younger to properly assess their maturity level
- Must have a working mic
- MUST be willing to learn and if experienced teach and help the newer less experienced players.

This is going to sound weird BUT I'm looking for players that are under level 30 or if 31+ be okay with helping teach and level newer players. I'm looking to grow a Destiny clan that maintains it's integrity by being team players and helping the new guy, whether it's with raids, the nightfall, teaching them what good stat or perk rolls are on gear or even just helping them play through the story on heroic. I'm trying to keep the entitlement and elitist mentality that plagues the Destiny community out of my clan.

When we have enough members at the appropriate levels I will also be hosting nightfall and raid parties every night of the week. So come check us out and if you're interested feel free to register and submit an application. You can check us out at