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I'm excited to introduce a new competitive side of Destiny. Destiny Clan Wars: The Battle for Light is an event based leaderboard system for Destiny. Register an account and start battling for your clan!

What is it?

Destiny Clan Wars allows clans to register to be tracked on our site. Once your clan is tracked, you will be put into a bracket based on your clan size. Events will begin and end at set times and your objective is to rack up as many points as possible during the event.

How do we earn points?

Events will vary, but the objective will be to complete a specific task (ie: play control matches). The points you see at the end of the match is the base points earned. However, you will earn bonus points for playing with your clan members and there are modifiers that may result in bonus or negative points. Most events will never allow you to go below zero, but there will be rare "hardcore" events where poor performance will be a detriment.

Does everyone in my clan have to register?

No. Once one person from the clan is registered, all activity from the ENTIRE CLAN is tracked.

I registered. Now what?

If you were the first person from your clan to register, it will take up to 15 minutes for your clan to start appearing on the leaderboards. But go play the event while you wait! Any matches played after registration will count towards the event.

Last Played

We give clans something Bungie hasn't: Date last played. Once your clan is registered, you can see a full roster of everyone and see who is inactive so you can make room for active players. This tool is not only convenient, but necessary. You will be placed into a tier based on your clan size, so you want to remove inactive players so you aren't put into a higher tiered bracket.

Social Media

Join our Google+ community to discuss clan wars with other clans and follow us on twitter and/or facebook. This is just the initial phase of the project and we will be rapidly expanding, so join the conversation and provide feedback.


For more details about how this works, check out the FAQ.