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Hey guys I've been working recently on revamping Destiny Item Viewer to have more features and filters than ever before check it out on your favorite browser I recently ported it from Chrome to Firefox so you can choose which one to try, and now I've ported it to the mobile landscape it's now available in the Amazon App store, Windows Phone Store, coming soon to Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You are also free to sideload it on all devices.

What it is
For those who are unfamiliar with Destiny Item Viewer the app allows you view and move around your inventory easily and quickly allowing you to setup loadouts with multiple weapons or one weapon, multiple armor or one armor piece, various filters, see what weapons you are missing, share your inventory with friends, and more.

It is perfectly safe and open source code that doesn't require you to log in directly with it because it is using the already logged in credentials from You are free to review the code that communicates with Bungie here: to ensure it's safe to use however I assure you from the many people who contribute to this project and help me find bugs that it is perfectly alright.

Screen shots
Transfer Pop up:
DestinyDB tooltip with custom perks & stats:
Weapons View:
Armor View:
Other View:
Transfer Materials & split stacks:
Create loadouts with more than 1 weapon type:
Find Missing Items from a Set:
Share your inventory with friends with a share URL powered by
Smart transfer system accommodates for full vaults by swapping items instead of transferring: (in the screenshot the primary weapon is transferred and the special weapons are swapped)
Search by perk:
Search by name:

Visit the More Info link for information on how to install and use it for each platform.

Firefox version found here: (currently up to a few dozens users active on Reddit)
More info here:

Report Bugs or Issues and more information

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Are you the original creator or did you fork it?

Nevermind, I see you forked it. Destinytracker has tooltips btw, you could always use ours :) We also have player tooltips

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I don't mind switcing from DestinyDB to DestinyTrackers I tried looking for the tooltips but I couldnt find a developer page for it like they do here:

Let me know, also there's a mobile version in the works go here for more info: