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Our Destiny World records page is now live; the aim of this page is to show off the single fastest times for a specific event in Destiny & promote the amazing speed-runners in our community!

We've prepared a small F.A.Q section below; and if you have any further feedback just leave it below!


How Can I Submit My New Record Time?

Simply click on the 'Submit World Record' and you'll be presented with a message box; title your message with the appropriate record you are going for and the time you achieved the record in.

We do require that you provide video evidence of your record; preferably via YouTube for verification purposes.

I would like to see other World Records listed; can you add these?

We're looking to expand our records page based off community demand and feedback; if you have any suggestions please use the 'Submit record time' button and send your suggestion messages directly to me!

I almost beat a record! Will i get a mention here?

Sadly we cannot add 2nd or 3rd place runs; we aim to keep this page upto date and having to deal with speed runs other than world records would really slow any updates down! SORRY!
Hi Im Swat
Hi Im Swat

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Lynks39 said:

Please quit posting that, there's nothing impressive about it. Keep it to the Youtube advertisement thread.