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Various sites on the web have numbers that show how much a perk influences the things it claims to influence. Take Counterbalance, it is said that it reduces recoil by 9%, and takes away recoil on the x-axis, leaving the gun to only recoil via the y-axis. That is really cool! This site needs information on the perks guns can upgrade to, to better the player's understanding of how the perks work, and how to build the ultimate weapon. I noticed this site only has the in game description of what the weapon perks do. There needs to be more! Just like how, for the Prudence II, it is listed that the aim assist is a 59! That is an awesome statistic that is inaccessible in-game. I understand DestinyTracker pulls their stats directly from Bungie's database API, so is it possible to pull the stats on these perks?

Also, what about Armor Perks? Can we know how much a grenade hit actually reduces our melee cooldown? How fast our melee attack speed is increased? It's interesting to know these things, to understand how much these perks are influencing the gameplay, so that us players can more effectively build our Guardians.