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Welcome to the DreamTeam! We're a group of buddies who skillfully play the game while having a great time. We're currently expanding so we'll be able to have multiple groups to be able to raid all the content each week.
We also enjoy playing the Crucible as a full clan fireteam, so the more the merrier.
As for any rules, just keep it tasteful, and use common courtesy. Just know that we like to joke around with each other, but there is a lot of respect among the group for each member.
Alright everyone, any person interested in joining our clan has to go through a little audition in order to be able to join the clan. Nothing big, just party up with me, Chileanjew whenever you have time, and we'll hop into the Crucible. From there, I'll be able to see how you play and see how comfortable you are with controlling your Guardian. Not to mention a few questions to see how far you are in the game and your current experiences with Destiny. No pressure, just do your best and have fun :)
Minimum equipment required: A working Headset so that we can use voice communication and not have noises feeding into the mic.

Hope to see more of you guys soon as summer is almost upon us!