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*Warning! If you do not want ANY Spoilers on the Prison of Elders Special Modifiers, Armor, Weapons, "Relic", or the new Strike.... Please leave this post at once. :)*

Hello there DTR! I am back with another Destiny News Update!

There is A LOT of information to cover so let's get to it. And again, if you want no Spoilers, leave this post now! :)

New Weapon Type, Sidearm!
- Vestian Dynasty is the name.
- It does Arc Damage and 365 Attack at max like all other weapons will be.
- It occupies the Special Weapon slot in your inventory.
- It can have up to 3 maxed out stats: Rate of Fire, Stability, and Reload.
- It has 15 bullets in the magazine.
- It is said to be obtained through the HoW story line, much like how you got the Murmur in TDB.

New "Relic"? A Shoulder Cannon
- The Scorch Cannon is the name.
- It does Solar Damage and has no attack value, but it can deal up to 4,000 damage on normal enemies and up to 10,000 damage on Majors. (Any enemy with a yellow health bar.)
- It only has 10 shots per use.
- It can only be held by ONE person.
- It has a quite small blast radius, but has massive splash damage.
- It has a special ability to where you can turn the projectiles from cannonballs to sticky cannonballs that can be cooked.
- To use the ability you must acquire the Scorch Cannon and after shooting the cannon, hold down the fire button to cook the projectile. After a certain amount of time you can let go of it and it will deal massive damage. (Up to 8k on normal enemies, and up to 20k on Majors.)
- The only 2 ways of acquiring the cannon as of now when HoW comes out.
- The end of "The Shadow Thief Strike" Taniks( The boss ) will drop it when he dies and you can use it for 30 seconds or until the magazine is empty.
- During the Prison of Elders, before the beginning of the 3rd wave. Variks will present a gift of either Ammo or The Scorch Cannon.

New Strike! "The Shadow Thief Strike"
- This Strike takes place on the Moon throughout the Temple of Crota, Dusk Warrens, and Traitor's Ketch.
- You will face the main boss a total of 4 times and a mini-boss Wolf Walker in a confined space instead of open area as usual.
- The Strike boss is a Fallen Mercenary that serves no Kell, has no Allegiance to a Fallen House and has killed many Guardians that survive the Hive in the Temple of Crota!
- The boss is named Taniks, the Scarred.
- The Ketch is named after Taniks, the name is Wolfship Kaliks-Syn.
- Taniks doesn't use a Shrapnel Launcher like most Fallen bosses, he uses the new Scorch Cannon as his weapon.
- You will face Taniks 3 times during the strike before you defeat him.
- First, before you enter the Ketch, you will get his health to 75%.
- Second, In the first room medium sized room. (Kind of like on the Kell, Draksis mission.), you will get his health to 55%.
- Third, After the Wolf Walker has been defeated you will face him in a hallway that the Scorch Cannon prevents you from walking through. You will get his health to 50%.
- Fourth and Final encounter, In the medium-sized Shrine/Beacon room.
- Watch out. There are also a new enemy called "Explosive Shanks" they act the same as Cursed thrall and Supplicants.
- They have Solar Shields (At least from what I saw), Some are Majors, they Explode... "...and they can teleport... great.." ~ Dinklebot
- After you defeat Taniks, One person can pick up the Scorch Cannon and play around with it as practice for PoE for the next 30 seconds or until the 10 shots are gone.

Prison of Elders! All Modifiers!
- Pre-DLC Modifiers:
- Permanent Heroic: Just requires you to revive teammates, they can't revive themselves.
- Epic: Enemies are Heavily shielded and appear in greater numbers.
- Arc/Solar/Void Burn: Weapons of the Respective burn will deal much more damage.
- Juggler: No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
- Lightswitch: Minions of the Darkness will deal much more melee damage.
- Angry: Minions of the Darkness won't flinch and are highly aggressive.
- Post-DLC(New) Modifiers:
- Small Arms: All Primary Weapons deal triple/three times more damage than normal.
- Exposure: No Shield Regenerating, but Shields are 10x are strong. (Health does regenerate, just not shields)
- Grounded: All damage dealt from the ground of an Arena will deal 25% more damage. (Guardians and Enemies)
- Brawler: All melee damage dealt by Guardians will deal double/two times more damage than normal.
- Catapult: All Grenade Regeneration rates are extremely increased. (You'll get 1 grenade every 5 seconds with 100% discipline)
- Trickle: All Ability Regeneration rates are extremely decreased. (Supers, Melee, Grenades) (3 minutes to regenerate grenades and melee with 100% of respective stat)
- Specialist: All Special Weapons deal triple/three time more damage than normal.
- Airborne: All damage dealt while in the air of an Arena will deal 25% more damage. (Guardians and Enemies) (Watch out for those Wizards)

Prison of Elders! General Information!
- In the shadows below the Vestian Outpost lies the Prison of Elders, a combat arena where Guardians face waves of enemy combatants and their nefarious champions for honor, glory, and the riches of the Reef.
- Three-Player Matchmaking at Level 28 Difficulty
- High Difficulty Weekly Challenges must have a pre-formed Fireteam.
- Four, three round waves against randomly selected enemy races and gameplay modifications.
- A final, fifth round where players must face a randomly selected boss
- The difficulty modes are: Level 28, Level 32, Level 34, and Level 35.
- The Level 28 and Level 35 modes will not rotate.
- The Level 32 and Level 34 modes will rotate weekly.
- The Level 35 gamemode will have the Legendary HoW Boss, Skolas. (The Fallen Captain you saw in the HoW Trailer)
- There are 4 Arenas. One for each enemy race. Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal.
- On waves 2 and 3 of an Arena, there will be "Critical Objectives" and if do not complete these objectives, your fireteam will be all killed and you must start that round over.
- When you all die, you will not go back to Round 1, you will go back to the Round you were on.
- There is no Checkpoints if you leave, You must complete the 5 Rounds and Kill the Boss to get rewards and escape the Prison. (Example: You can't go in to Round 4, leave and come back. If you do, you will be put back at Round 1.)
- When you complete all 5 Rounds and kill the Boss, everybody will get a "Treasure Key" item and the floor in the main room will open revealing the Treasure room below.
- Completing a full PoE run will reward House of Judgement Reputation, Engrams, Lots of Glimmer, Weapons and Armor Cores, and Etheric Light.

Remember, You WILL need to complete the House of Wolves Quest line to access the Strike and Prison of Elders.

That is all the information I have at this time, if I happen to find out more I will update this post.

~Footnote: This post took me 3 hours to compile all my information and type up this post, so if you could tell how I did. It would be much appreciated. :)

Until next time Guardians!