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Weston Thug
Weston Thug

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Apply Here

Recruitment for all 4 platforms has reopened

- Feature your clips in our Destiny crucible montages

- We have a 2 year ongoing Destiny RP for writers

- Weekly events with members (Raids, Nightfall etc. )

- Members from all over the world to play with in all timezones

- Currently 70 members across 4 platforms, creating a small tight-knit group of members.

- Both competitive and casual clan striving to complete end game content and have fun doing it.

- We have our own website where you must make an application to join, find the link above.

- Currently looking for members wishing to get the best loot in ToO and PoE

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Going to be making a Crucible montage soon. and found morefunny Destiny memes to share with my fellows