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Looking either for an active, mature, selective clan that plays Crucible regularly. Below is my clear-eyed appraisal of myself, and some key stats from my profile. If you have a clan/team that has an opening message me over Xbox Live.
I'm an extremely experienced player, with over 1300 matches played I'm in the top 4% of players for total games, so I know what works and what doesn't and can add significantly to a team in strategizing alone. I tend to take a 'stay alive and hit the enemy' approach to matches, focusing more on landing hits than scoring the killing shot. That said 31% of the shots I take with Hand Cannons, 36% with Pulse Rifles, 39% with Auto Rifles, and 51% with Scout Rifles land as headshots, so it's no surprise that I average more than 12 kills per game, in addition to an average of more than 4 assists.

While that indicates that I can throw points up on the board, my K+A/D of 1.85, shows that I am successful in avoiding death and giving the other team any points. I tend to play the role of support gunner, or picket, holding the enemy from advancing past my position, pinning them down for team mates to neutralize, or making an initial offensive or diversionary play to create openings for my team to exploit. So even though my average score per game is only 2,287, that belies my unseen, and significant, positive effect on the scores of my team mates. On Clash and Skirmish playlists, this reflected by the fact that I win more games than I lose, and even on Control (where bad matchmade team mates can lose you a match) I am only narrowly edged out of a net positive win/lose at 49%.

In case none of that qualitative assessment sways you, I'll end on this, for no map in Crucible do I have a negative K/D average. I can be relied upon to delivery a team more points than I allow the enemy, more than can be said for most players who've faced me. On top of being a skilled and effective player, I maintain a 'can do' attitude, don't get fazed by minor glitches (both literal and figurative), stay up beat and positive, and am friendly and mature as player.

If you're looking for someone who is both competent and pleasant, who understands that Destiny is a game and games are meant to played, but that playing is more fun when you're winning, hit me up and we'll start wasting Guardians.

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Here's a link to my Xbox group:

You'd like it. Lots of competitive PvP players here.
Pretty n Pink
Pretty n Pink

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Try > we have over 70 Destiny players and they're all super active, close group of guys and gals. :)