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Eons I slept
Eons I slept

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Not really looking for a clan, or even people to bullshit with, just need two skilled players who can flow around the map independently of one another and get shit done. I find mic's distracting, need people who mainly solo crucible and don't rely on team camping and other crutches, but can read the map and coordinate without being told when to push, fall back, rally, etc.

Looking to vet a team for Osiris this weekend so if you fit the description send me a frequest with some kind of tag in the message (ie: Osiris) and we'll jump into some matches, see how we jam together.

Was once leaderboard but fell off recently, due to Bungie taking away all my fucking ammo. Oh well. Still, I'm pretty good.

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the penguin brotherhood is something for you.

not only the name is awesome..

oh well my stats say enough no motivation needed. we get the stuff done period. Your K/D looks good, we could take you on for a ride. be sure to check in with the group and we will take you with us!

See you on the field.