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Hello Guardians,

I have recently written a checklist app for Destiny. Basically, it helps you to track your content progress of your characters; therefore eliminating the questions like: - With which character(s) I killed Crota/Atheon/Templar this week? - Did I loot the exotic chest from VoG with all three characters of mine this week? - Did I complete weekly/nightfall strikes with all three characters of mine this week?

The application has checkpoints for Weekly Heroic Strike, Weekly Nightfall Strike, Vault of Glass (Normal & Hard), Crota's End (Normal & Hard) and Prison of Elders (Currently only for Android client; iOS update pending)

Destiny Checklist has customisation options so you can differentiate your characters from each other easily. It also automatically resets your progress on weekly reset day and hour.

The app is FREE of charge and supported by ads. There is one constant banner ad at the bottom of the screen and one full-screen ad that only appears once in every 24 hours.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.

Here are some screenshots:

iOS Download Link:

Android Download Link:

Also more info is at:

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