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I'm looking for a mature US-Based PS4 clan with a focus on PvP but also spends time working through PvE content (PoE, CE, VoG, etc.). I'm in my 30's and have been gaming for a long time. Started playing MMO's in '99. I tend to do way more PvE content than PvP but would like to get more involved in PvP with fellow clan mates...versus matchmaking or LFG. Although I do not play PvP often, my k/d isn't terrible for playing it occasionally.

All three of my characters (Warlock/Hunter/Titan) are 33+, and with the exception of Necro, I have all CE and Vanilla exotics.

I tend to play every day whenever possible, and am usually on from 5PM PST until 11PM PST each night.

Please send me a message if you have a clan that fits the above.



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A clan of serious gamers, but still play just for fun. No requirements to join the guild just at least be a teenager, and no rules on how much you have to be on. We run both raids on normal and hard each week along with the weekly and nightfalls. We are extremely active in the new HoW DLC. Doing both PoE 32 though 35 and ToO, and we do go flawless. If you want to join go on the Destiny clan website, the clan is open to join. Then hit up runswithduck or blackandsilver with a friend request and lets us know your a new member. Thanks for checking us out.

Pretty much what that said is there is that there is about 5 of us were on every day, after work so about the same time as you. Were all adults to, with the exception of 1 17 year old. We do Mostly PvE in Destiny but we do ToO on the weekends and iron banner as well.