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The Trials Of Osiris Numbers!

3,798,561 = Trials of Osiris matches played

118,627,301 = Kills (or Deaths, if your glass be half-empty)

188,442 = Players visited the Mercurial promised land

299,001 = Guardians scored a perfect scorecard

The Trials Of Osiris will be back tomorrow at 10 Pacific; Sadly Deej was asked not to discuss what map will be going live just yet!

Iron Banner Strikes Back

Lord Saladin will be back in the Tower on Tuesday, June 2nd. He knows your PVP heart has been enthralled by the shiny lures of Brother Vance, so he’s bringing some new goodies to win back your love. Boots, Gauntlets, Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, and that elusive Etheric Light that you all crave...

Updates For The Next Iron Banner

- Lower-ranked Guardians on your account will receive a reputation boost to catch up to your higher-ranked Guardian more quickly
- Rewards cost less Glimmer - the grind is less real
- Etheric Light is available for purchase at Rank 3 and Rank 5
- The Gunsmith has inherited Lord Saladin’s weapon reforging service
- Power still matters, and it matters a little more as the delta between two players increases
- The Cauldron and Pantheon have been added to the playlist, along with Exodus Blue on PlayStation

Updates coming in the next Patch

- #Olive error codes and other Crucible disconnects (see above)
- Mercury Emblems that don’t appear in inventories
- Treasure Key famine, and the farmers who need relief
- Ammo synthesis that piles up in your inventories
- Quests, Ships, or Shaders not being granted by Prison of Elders
- Encounters with known Prison inmate bosses

The Traveler
The Traveler

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