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DreamTeam is now recruiting for Trials of Osiris. We're looking for above average players who can carry their own weight.
(PVE Players, Skip to the Bottom)
Anyone interested must meet the following prerequisites: Must be located in NORTH AMERICA. Must have at least one guardian at level 33. Must have at least one weapon at 365. Must be have extensive PvP experience. NO RAGERS ALLOWED.
To communicate with other clan members, we use the LINE app.
If anyone is interested, send me a friend request on PS4 PSN.
If you are a player who is interested in PVE, we are still open for PVE players, but know that PVP is done by most of the clan. The more the merrier!
My clan is fully experienced in all raids and all Prison of Elder instances. We're eager to welcome new members to our talented and growing family.
We are more than happy to help out players with lower light levels, around 26-30. With all the new content, it is very easy to catch up to the Max level.
Hope to see new recruits soon!