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madhouse bill

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(this article was compiled by Beesting6 one of our valued members)

Thank you for taking the time to view this post, we are an active Xbox One Clan based in the UK. Our members are all over the age of 21, friendly and sociable. We’re always looking for new members to grow our community and gaming experience.

About us:

We’ve picked up members from many different platforms, from Titanfall to Dying Light, Fifa to Destiny. We play all of these games and more. Many of our members have come to us through Destiny though. In the future we’re looking forward to continuing and growing our Destiny experience as well as supporting future games such as Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront, Raibow Six: Siege and The Division. I’m sure many other titles will supported and played. We regularly game in parties, sharing a laugh and a joke as we go. Many members are laid back, can take a joke and will help out with in game activities where possible. With current members from the UK, Belgium, Holland and the US. We have members on most of the time.

What we’re looking for:

You. If you’re over 21 and have a grasp of the English language then the opportunity is yours. Maybe you’ve played Destiny to death but never raided? Maybe you have friends to raid with but none enjoy the PvP and you’re itching to get involved. Or perhaps you’re a PvP head who can’t wait for Battlefront and Halo 5 to drop. Either way this could be the spot for you. Maybe you’re a budding YouTuber or Streamer looking for a home to share you’re content and gameplay? Maybe you like to review the latest games or gaming news and need a platform to host your news articles with an eager crowd. Check us out, see what you think. At worst fire me a msg and I’ll do my best to answer questions or jump in chat with you. We have members who have ran the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End and the Prison of Elders many times and are always happy to help take you through, organize events or just help out where needed.

Honestly, this is a great little community looking to move forward.

What we offer:

A Solid Friendly Clan Base, first and foremost.

An Android or Iphone App. We run most if not all of our events and conversations through an app. This puts all of the information you need right in your hand whenever you want it.

We regularly post events for other clan members and you will have the same privileges, what ever the game you fancy or time. Just post an event to our app and let other people sign up and join in.

News and update articles, again these are all based on the app, easily accessible and you will also get the option to create your own and interact with the community.

Competitions, prizes and discount codes. We are now beginning to get into a routine with competitions in clan. These offer a good reason to get together and some cool prizes. Ideas for future competitions are also welcome. We are also in conversation with several companies regarding sponsorship, future prizes and member discount codes for gaming accessories and equipment.

Social get togethers, E3 in Birmingham this year will play host to our first official get together and we’re very much looking forward to it. With around 20 members already planning their journeys this promises to be an event not to miss.

Contacting us:

If you’re interested please sign up at email us at [email protected], sign up using by searching for XBOPHOENIX Clan or this link or msg me on Xbox live and I’ll get you in party and explain about our app.

You can also find us at our mobil phone and pc app.
madhouse bill
madhouse bill

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Hi guys just a short one we are still recruiting and will be running our first clan prize give away in conjunction with Control Blast next week , come join us and take part in our new clan competitions.
XBO iclans landing page:
XBO Home Link on team app:
Clan completion link:
Hope to cya soon, madhouse