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I would like to thank anybody reading this ahead of time. Yes there is a lot of text but I am sure that somebody out there knows the answer and I hope they take the time to read what I have to say.

I am currently considering deleting my "Day 1" character in order to create an all new Hunter in place of my old Hunter. Yes I know this sounds dumb and anybody who reads this is probably wondering why I would do such a thing. I've done this before with my other two characters in which I created a Titan and then deleted it in order to re-level another Titan in hopes of getting the drops I needed from the raids and also did the same with my Warlock. My first character was a Hunter and shortly after the games release I made a second Hunter along with a Titan. Once Crota's End came out I deleted my second Hunter in order to level a Warlock so that I could have one of each character.

I've never deleted my original Hunter but along the way I did dismantle my original Hunter cloak on both my original Hunter and the second Hunter I made and never considered the fact that I would never be able to get another one unless I made a new Hunter. I also didn't realize that armor and shaders when applied to either a male or female character have some subtle differences in the way they look. For example, my Male Hunter wearing full Exile Armor with the Revenant Shader Equipped doesn't look nearly as badass as a Female Hunter wearing the exact same armor and shader. On my Male I noticed that there was a lot more grey and white than on a Female wearing Revenant who had mostly all black and grey, more notably in the Exile boots where as my Male Hunter had white pants and black and grey boots while a Female has black pants and black and grey boots.

Now I know this sounds really dumb but I'm sure many can agree that Female Hunters just look more badass.

Fact is I really regret discarding my original cloak and deleting my second Hunter which was a female in order to make my Warlock. back in November of last year I wouldn't have cared if I deleted my launch day character considering the game hadn't been out that long and I hadn't put as much time into it as where now I have. I know that when a character is deleted all Crucible Medals and Score go with it. Same goes for Raid Completions and Strike completions and what not.

What I don't know is if I were to delete my launch day character would it affect my overall account stats? Meaning will all my hours played on that character be deleted too in a statistical standpoint? Currently on the DestinyTracker Leaderboards I hold some pretty respectable accomplishments. On the main PSN Leaderboard for combined characters I sit at #25 in the world for Total Time Played and on the PSN/Xbox Combined Systems Leaderboards I sit at #39. If you check the Regional Leaderboards for the United States on either the PSN Leaderboards or the Combined PSN/Xbox Regional Leaderboards I sit at #1 in the United States for Total Time Played. Yes I know I have no life outside of Destiny I'll admit it but I still take great pride in what I have accomplished while playing.

Considering the fact I've already deleted characters here and there and then re-leveled them again for whatever reason one can only assume that these stats reflect my PSN account as a whole and not just the characters I currently have right now but also the ones I've deleted. I would be pretty sour if I deleted my day one Hunter in order to make a new Huntress and upon checking the boards my #1 status would no longer be. I could honestly care less about all my faction ranks and medals I've earned playing crucible because I know I would get them all again eventually. We all know that faction level doesn't mean a thing in this game other than at least being rank 3 for any faction for the sake of being able to buy weapons and armor. I did just recently hit level 50 for Dead Orbit and 115 or 114 for my Cryptarch Rank but seeing as how Dead Orbit still won't give me my final shader I need from them, The Hanged Man, or the Faction Ship, starting it over again would probably be best and having a 114-115 Cryptarch Rank is the same as having a level 4 or 5 Cryptarch Rank.

So if anybody can shed some light on my situation I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry you had to read this wall of text but I had to make sure you guys know exactly what kind of predicament I'm in.
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MathieuReckless said:
What I don't know is if I were to delete my launch day character would it affect my overall account stats?

Could of just said that instead of giving us your life story. We get the same questions/problems all the time so you don't need to go into great detail about your question.

To answer your question, yes some stats will be removed if you delete any character. :)

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