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Hi All,

My friend(ice x jelly) and I are both looking for a clan. We play cruicible every day and have gotten flawless trials every week. Now we are looking to find a clan to play with consistently so we can have a team all the time.

Please message me through here or (search for ice x perish) with any offers. We would like a clan with more than 10-15 members so we can have a team.

Thanks in advance

- ice x perish

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Here's a link to the Crucible clan I run on that caters to Xbox One players:

We have Xbox 360 players as well, so it's a diverse place. The overall clan k/d ratio in Crucible is 1.75 last I checked and we have a lot of clan mates out there looking to do Crucible and all its playlists. Hope you check it out!