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Tyrions Moon Wizards has open their doors in search for active, experience, mature Xbox One players 21+ age to fill in our final roster. Currently we are looking for active PVE & PVP for all end game content available. From Skolas to the lighthouse our members have done it (Myself I suck at PVP but we have good members!) We are a tight group which have made life long friendships playing a game we all love. We are all here to help and have a blast playing all the content available in Destiny! No room for ego's in this clan. For more information private message GT: GlobalAbyss or post below!

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About Us...

1. We all have full time jobs Mon-Fri. Half east and west coast time players so time zones not an issue. We're diverse group of Canadians and Americans! So all is welcome to join our Super Trail Mix of the World.

2. We like drinking a couple brewski's (Not required but Friday nights but it does get interesting :) )

3. We may swear on occasion (RNG and Cryptarch to blame)

4. We all have GF's/Wifes/Kids/Significant others who hate the game and grind us for playing to much (Join the club!)

5. Nightfalls and weeklies are completed every week. Someone will always help.

6. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for raiding. (One of us is always on everyday of the week though)

7. We have skilled PVE players and some PVP players with over 1 K/D.

8. 14 ACTIVE Members

9. We help each other out! We still love to run VOG and Crota Hard if people need certain gear.

10. Have Fun!!!

**Please give a little bit of a description of yourself when posting or private messaging me please and thanks**

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Interested!! PM sent!