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We're looking for people who play crucible on an almost daily basis. We're not asking for flawless Trials players, we're looking to build a team to make things like that possible.

We really just want to ensure that you go consistently positive. That doesn't mean you can't have a few off games, we all do.

Point being, we want players with good communication skills, good teamwork and decent slaying capabilities that want to play almost every night.

There are only three of us currently, but we want to create a tight knit group to grow with, and we understand that your overall k/d may not be entirely indicative of your skill level.

Bottom line: Solguard is here, we're ready, and we need strong Guardians to stand with us. Sense of humor required, skill preferred. Can't be afraid to get sweaty from time to time.

Interested? Message me. We'll play together.

Adults only.

We are on Xbox One.