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Dear Bungie,

I would like to address a few different points about Destiny that I've discussed with several of my friends over the destiny community. Many points may have already been touched upon but some may not have been. I hope you actually take the time to read thoroughly.

Single Player Story:

I heard one of the bungie creators say they wanted the bungie community to fall in love with the Destiny world the same way we did with the star wars world. These are a few points on why that may not happen.

We are drawn into the Destiny world by visual enticement only, we truly don't know anything about the Destiny universe. So outside of what we see we have nothing else to connect to. Let me explain why through a series of questions.

Who are the guardians and where did they come from? We cant place real interest in a character we don't even know. They have no real back story, no child hood, no dramatic story or birth into how they became a guardian to begin with. Were they trained or we're they simply chosen out of a bunch of random races?

What are their names? How can we say we care about someone and we don't even know their names. If Luke Skywalker never had a name or such an interesting backstory we wouldn't care as much. Give us a reason to care about our guardians. When we create them let us name them. And give us more of a backstory rather then a paragraph on the back of a Grimiore card. They also don't have their own voices or personalities. If you play through with each character they all do and say the same thing.

Story Line: Straight up doesn't make sense and here is why. The only true threat seamed to be the Hive, which according to the story. We let them chill on the moon until they became a threat. As for the fallen vex and Cabal they haven't done anything to directly impact earth itself. Maybe there out to destroy other planets but we never have any clear evidence of what anyones plans are. Were always trying to prevent something that never even happened yet (minority Report). We cant feel any real anger or dislike towards our enemy if they dont directly impact our lives. Seems like were going out to there planets to bother them and they're just defending themselves from our threat. Destiny almost feels like what america does to other countries. We create a threat off of absolutely nothing, invade someone else's place. Kill them off and take there resources. Awesome story line guys, we're truly the “heroes.” only person that has a real reason to kill someone is Oracs and thats because we went out of our way to kill His son. What did he honestly do too us?

Flaw after flaw: you send us to destroy the sword of crota. We destroy it and the spark says its gone forever. Few weeks later we have to hunt down hive that have several swords of crota :/? huh? Okay. Then we have to destroy his crystal so he can never be reborn, which we do. But then there is a raid where he is alive anyway :/? huh? Okay sure. You should have let the crystal escape by having the wizards teleport it before we destroyed it. That would have made more sense. Or maybe im just not paying attention. This is just a small flaw in your story line. Hence why we will never love it as much as something like Star Wars. Fix your story and you'll create real life long fans not people that stick around until the next cool game.

simple request... or maybe not so simple.

1. allow us the option to select where we would like to start when we login.
Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus, Reef, Tower, or ship... simple we click it after we pick our character which whom now have names and boom thats where we spawn in.
2. Patrols: let us patrol with a party of 6... why? Because its more fun for us, thats why.
3. Patrol missions. Let us pick up 3 at one time. It would be nice to kill people and collect the material while heading to a scan point. Stop wasting our time we already spend hours in a raid. Help us out a little.
4. Glimmer: fine don't change the cap but at least let each character have there own glimmer. Why are they sharing a bank account. What are they married.
5. Vault space should also be independent with a separate section to put items you'd like to transfer between characters. I've deleted almost all my weapons that I've worked very hard to get. I now have only 3 duplicate weapons and I still struggle with space. It's honestly just not right. Please do something real for us rather than just make the game look pretty
6. Faction Rewards: Why is this random. If I get my dead orbit to 10, reward me with a shader when I get it to 20 or 25, reward me with the ship. Rewaaaarrrddd meee for my hard work and hours put into your game!!!
7. Load screen: We have these cool ass ships and we cant do anything with them. Heres a simple idea while were in hyper drive flying to a planet let us move our ships. Maybe have us dodge space rocks or something, You don't even have to let us shoot the guns. Which by the way you guys did put on the ships... just say'n.
8. I know you don't want a Trading system but how about a purchase system. If I have an extra Halkmoon and someone wants it, they can pay 25,000 glimmer for it. Simple as that.
9. Synth cool down: 1. They shouldn't be connected. each synth should be able to be used separately. 2. 5 min is too long. cut it down to 2:30. please. Truthfully there shouldn't be a cool down time at all. we had to buy them, why are we restricted on how and when we use them.
10. Crucible: simply put. If I play well and am at the top of the leader board, I should be rewarded as such.

This isn't nearly all but this will suffice. Yes we want a challenging game but we also want a fun and fair game. We spend all week getting three characters to level 5 in Iron banner then cant even afford to buy all it has to offer because they share glimmer. Simply not fair. There isn't enough time in a normal players life to go farming for glimmer and keep up with everything else. Gives us a break. The game is slowly becoming less enjoyable and more time consuming.

You may not agree with what Im saying here but you know I'm right. I'm sure you've heard these things many time before so please do something about it. Make us really fall in love with the destiny universe. Not with what it has potential to be but with what it can be right now.

These are just a few solutions to make your gamers happy and coming back. And not only for the beautiful world you've created but for the amount of fun it can actually be.

Bonus. Patrol brawl: while Patrolling with friends, if someone sees fit they can melee their buddy. Doing this then gives the rest of the fire team an option to engage. If they click accept they are all allowed to attack one another. Creating an open world patrol brawl. When anyone feels like dropping out. They can just pause and click drop out and go back to patrol missions. There has been many moments were people wanted to do this but can't. Please gives us that options. Plus it would be awesome. Players can also decline if they'd like.

Thank you for reading. I truly hope you take some of these things into consideration.

By the way the missions box section in the menu screen has been really useless. Put the exotic bounties in there so we can still stack up on our regular bounties while working on the exotic ones.

Best regards,
Invested Gamer
Hi Im Lone Wolf
Hi Im Lone Wolf

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LegendarySannin said:Dear Bungie,

We're not Bungie, copy/paste this onto their forum.

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yeah I know. I've been trying to post to their forum but it wont let me. this was the next best place I can think of where they might see it. sorry.
Hi Im Lone Wolf
Hi Im Lone Wolf

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LegendarySannin said:

There is zero chance of Bungie seeing it here. What problem's are you having on Bungie's website?

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I figured it out. running the with safari was giving me the issue. I managed to post it by using fire fox. Thank for your help. I apologize ones again, would you like me to take this post down?

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no, its fine if youre trying to start a discussion here, but if your goal was to give Bungie feedback, then this is definitely the wrong place to do so.