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Hello all,

We, MafiaOfTheNine, are compose of all around talented PvP/PvE players. We're mostly in the college age group, with a few being much older & younger. We have both male & female members. We're all pretty chill for the most part & we like to make fun of each other jokingly. We have around 15 active members. The most active of us can 3 or 4 man any raid & we go flawless in trials whenever we want. We're looking to expand our network with more talented PvP players.( We love to play each other in the rumble) We will be using Destiny tracker to check your PvP stats & you'll probably have to play one of us in the rumble. If you think you would enjoy being in our clan & have the skill set shoot me(IURedViper) or UTIOMICKEY a (psn) message.