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Master Nosemaj
Master Nosemaj

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Join us,
We PVP, Strike, POE, Raid and run bounties together. We are on XBOX ONE and a tight nit group of people who have become a team through a high frequency of skill sharing and waiting until everyone gets to the heavy. “All you randy’s know better” lol

Deadmanale: Control, Crucible medal definitions
Master Nosemaj: Ghosts locations, Running and gunning
Disco1979: POE, VOG, Crota
Chat town89: Skilled at Trials and a great strategist
HQMBREW: DPS and kicking ass
ChappsXx44xX: political correctness: LOL "Crucible"
HanSoloYT1300: Nightfall, Weeklies, Dailies and Crucible
Imjoewhitehead: Knowledgeable and up for whatever

Adults Only Clan,
Jedi Legacy

Master Nosemaj
Master Nosemaj

0 Credits 2 Posts

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