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For me, Destiny has never been about the game itself. Yes, the game is insanely fun, and that's why I play it. But what I get out of the game has nothing to do with what happens on the screen in front of me (minus the purple ball in the tower, maybe).

As a 30-year old with a wife, 2 kids, a job, etc, Destiny has brought something back to me that I haven't had for a long time.

It looks a bit different than it used to, granted. But I remember hearing a Bungie employee (DeeJ? can't remember) utter a phrase a while back that stuck with me: The Virtual Couch.

Destiny keeps telling us to Become Legend, but this is Destiny's legend:

Bungie, Destiny, thanks for Year One. Thanks for bringing back late nights staying up too late with my friends playing video games, being too loud, and all that goes with it. Never have I played a game that brought me together with so many friends, both old and new, so regularly, having this much fun. I feared that part of my life was lost, but you managed to bring it back. And it's been a blast.

The Virtual Couch:
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Cool but have you submitted it at If not, it won't be counted in the competition as we aren't Bungie! :)