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I'm a rather active player, not playing as much lately because Destiny gets a bit boring constantly grinding it alone. I have 3 level 34's, Grim is 3225. I am not one of the "lucky" ones who has a Gjallarhorn. Moments of Triumph is completed. Been playing since December 25th, 2015.

I am trying to find a group to run with on a regular basis. Tired of playing the waiting game to see if a team can be formed by messaging friends and in return them messaging their friends. I am 29 so would prefer to run with people my age. I love Raids but not a huge fan of Crucible. Mainly because I always play it alone. I still need 3 achievements for the game - Flawless, Relic Hunter & Excessive Force. Would eventually like to get those completed.

I had a decent clan but they slowly all moved to the Xbone, so I've been doing the no clan thing for about 2 months now and am getting rather tired of it. Have though about joining a few but they are either filled with squeakers or not very welcoming to new members.

I am a female, but not interested in doing the girl power thing and joining an all girl clan.

360 gt: Pebbster85