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Ix Mr Lonely xI
Ix Mr Lonely xI

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Hi everyone,

About Me ( PvP ) : I started playing PvP some times for fun but not a lot, thats why I done't have the best PvP records as I started with 1.26 K/D and True skill of 12. I didn't care about it as I was trolling people and having fun with friends. However since trials of osiris came out I started playing a lot of PvP recently. I increased my K/D to 1.70/1.65( all characters ), True skill up to 28-29. Most of my states are 1% to 3%. nevertheless, I still troll LOL and have fun.

About Me ( PvE ): There is not much to say. I am experience at every thing (Raids, PoE, etc....)

What I am Looking for: A clan with highly skilled members in PvP 2+ K/D or anything around it.
Note: Personalty of the clan members are the most important. Have Fun

Please feel free to contact me on Xbox.