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Exotic Gear

Eternal Warrior [Titan Helmet] [72 Intellect] [13 SC]
Mask of the Third Man [Hunter Helmet] [97 Intellect] [13 SC]
Starfire Protocol [Warlock Chest Armor] [123 Intellect] [13 SC]
Thunderlord [Machine Gun] [17 SC]
Exotic Shard [Material] [7 SC]
Exotic Engram [Body Armor Engram] [23 MoL]


Auto Rifle Telemetry [Consumable] [1 SC]
Pulse Rifle Telemetry [Consumable] [1 SC]
Rocket Launcher Telemetry [Consumable] [1 SC]
Plasma Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
"Emerald Coil" [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]

The Traveler
The Traveler

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