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What's up guardians. I'm looking for a clan of active slayers. I'm a pretty solid player overall, with a 2.23 k/d. True skill 36 (I play solo). Accolades Include top 1% kd, top 3% kills/game average, top 7% combat rating, top 4% highest kill streak, and top 8% score/game average.

I'm definitely not going to claim to be the best, but I'd consider myself above average. I'm looking to improve my game, and it's high time I found some guardians to do it with.

I'm looking for:

Active players
Crucible focused
SOLID roster (around my skill level or preferably better)
Competitive players
Relaxed demeanor

If you're interested in picking me up, PM me.

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My name is BlazeX, join our team Shattered Fire. We are a competitive solid team and building to expand a better team. Pm me for more info.

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solid on 2,5-3,4 check this !