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xl NEVO lx
xl NEVO lx

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Hey Everyone, Welcome to the Twin Gradiant Tournement.

This clan is an ongoing tournament for 3v3 PvP sweaties in the crucible with matches every week. ANYONE can join the group and apply to the tournament because before each match the current members will vote to initiate new players. Lets break down the structure day by day.

---Weekly Structure---

Tuesday: The 6 Players in the tournament decide team captains based on location. The team captains do a draft style pick of the remaining players. These teams can practice together during the week.

Wednesday: The cumulative stats including the previous week are published.

Friday: Day before reminders are sent and alternates placed into tournament if needed.

Saturday: At 12:30 PM Pacific Time (bungie time) the players assemble into teams and prepare to match-make. At 1:00 PM matchmaking starts. When the teams are matched the first game is a practice game and the following 3 games are official. The results of each game are kept and the totals are tallied.

Sunday: Player rank is determined by K/D, Win %, and Total points. The two lowest ranked players are disqualified from the tournament. The Tournament requests list is published for the remaining 4 members to vote on.

Monday: The remaining 4 members of the tournament vote on players and 2 are chosen to become alternates for the next event and players in the event after. The votes are due on Monday before 11:59 PM.

---In game Rules---

1. No Heavy Ammo
2. No Exotic Armor
3. Emote "Point" pauses game*
4. Emote "Wave" resumes game*
5. The Admin of TG will Mediate and Referee
*Emotes for pausing and resuming play should not be used regularly, only in extreme situations.

Note: The Stat tracking and Tournement requests are kept on a private server but publisised weekly. Thier structure is subject to change by community vote via this clan forum wall

To apply to the tournament send a private message to admin of this group including ALL of the following:
1. Your Xbox Gamer-tag
2. Your Characters Level/Class/Subclass
3. That Characters individual K/D
4. Your 4-word Play Style (ex: Blink Shotgun Last Word)

Your stats will be listed on the Tournaments Requests Log (in the order they are received) to be voted on. The first group will be voted on on Sept 10th by the Twin Gradiant Xbox Clan. If you are chosen you will receive a PM with further instructions.

The first match will be scheduled for 2 weeks after the release of the TTK raid and continue weekly there after. If you want to get some sweaties going before then please checkout our clan, Twin Gradiant.

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Other notes: We are currently developing this tournament with only two people, Me(xl NEVO lx) and my other admin. If anyone would like to help me develop this Tournament and do tracking and refereeing please contact me on the Kik chat app @xl_NEVO_lx or in a PM on Bungie. Also if anyone knows of a good way for me to display the excel sheets with the stats on the internet please let me know. We are also considering a 6v6 version of this clan as well.