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*Disclaimer* If you're a clan of tea bagging douche-nozzles don't even.

Age: 25+
Location: Pacific
Availability: Depends on university homework loads~ currently on vacation till Sept 29
PSN/Stats: mEzbomb

About me: I've been playing competitive FPS since 99 when counter-strike beta 6 came out. Recently with the launch of Destiny I made the swap to console gaming. I'm working hard on improving my stats and getting better and better with the controller.

Role: I love sniping. I prefer being an aggressive sniper relying on snap shot and good reflexes.

Request: If your clan is willing to mentor potentials, is chill with no drama, and A type competitive~ drop me a line.

Other notes: I can post game play footage to YT or tryout. Good Game, see you in the Crucible.

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Hey man. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not necessarily looking for a clan, just peeps to roll with! My clan is currently on a hiatus with Destiny. So many of us have dispersed into other games. I'm on Pacific Standard Time out in California (USA). School has already started for me so i'm trying to play. My FPS "career" originally started from Counter-Strike 1.3-1.6 & Source. So we definitely got that FPS gaming in common. If you wanna roll with me, add me. PSN: Marcu-D2

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Hey mez,
I'm the founder of clan with a large PvP focus. We are looking for skilled and chilled players to wreck with.
So to answer you requests:
- We are a competive but not sore losers or tea baggers
- Relaxed group to play with
- We are currently at university, so there is no pressure to play we you don't need too. We realise the real world exists.
- Would be great to have sniper in the team, as we are all average at it

We are also and 18+ clan, currently our youngest is 21. We are mostly based in australia (AEST), so what times do you usually play? We are usually on from 2pm AEST to midnight AEST

Feel free to check us out at:

Or to message me, TheGraphinOne, on PS4.

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Marcu yeah man I added you, let's hang. Graph it was good playin with you man, look forward to more games.

And my playtime is pretty much Noon PST - Midnight PST depending on school/homework schedule, right now I pretty much live on destiny.

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Hey marcu and mezbomb. I'm also from the US (EST), and I'm looking for more players to pvp with as well. I'm 21 and finishing up my last year at my university, so I know the struggle. I'm pretty active and a decent PvPer as that is my main focus. I really want to take my game to the next level, so if you guys are looking to get into some serious 3v3 I'd be down. Also down for some casual pubs as well.

My psn is cameroniscam. Feel free to check out my dtr and add me if you just want someone to roll with in crucible. I'm usually on everyday.