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This is a new exclusive clan for the start of the Taken King. Looking to get two groups down for PvP and PvE who get along and are connected and move as one. Looking for top tier players only in each group, while having a good personality and attitude to be apart of this clan (preferably 18+)
For PvP:
over 1.75 kd
versatility with weapons
top 10% in win percentage or better

For PvE:
tell me some of your accomplishments and how dedicated you are to this section of the game and why you are interested if you are

There will be tryouts if need be, partly for skills because although I can read them on DestinyTracker, I'd like to see how you preform in game and also for your personality/attitude because that's important to me just as much. That's all for now, any further questions just send me a private message or comment below, thanks!

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AMAZING MONTAGE ; Quadra kills , unbroken ->

im pretty decent for just playing 200 hours pvp, look up my stats

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Stats here:

(I happen to have a 1.75 K/D and top 10% win percentage exaclty, but the stats from the last 3-4 months are more representative, that's when I started taking PvP seriously)

College student here, so my gametime is mostly concentrated on the weekends, sometimes during the day between classes. At the moment I've been playing only PvP (Elimination, Clash, Trials), and I'm interested in playing sweaties and playing with excellent players to improve. Im pretty chill, however I like to win and open for criticism on my play. I only have ~200 hours in PvP, but I'm ready to add more to that! Feel free to message me with questions/concerns!

Warlock Main, Hunter here and there, barely any Titan.

Best PvP moments:

26-0 Mark of the Unbroken in Skirmish
Sum of All Tears when coming in halfway through a rumble match
Carrying my hallmate and his friend to Trials flawless 3 days ago
Never using a final round spear :)
Reaching 30 Trueskill
Reaching 2.0 K/D in Clash and Elimination (Trials is next!)

PvE wise, I've soloed Crota Hard mode, I did Skolas for the Triumph, and am pretty well versed on the Vault.