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Welcome to the Gold Tint guardian!

We are a clan that is about knowing everyone knowing and gaming with everyone, so if you have ever struggled to consistently find fellow guardians to play with then we are for you. Here are a few things to know about us before applying.

We are an 18+ clan. We all like playing with people we can relate to and with people who understand the real world exists too. Whether this be work, study etc. Also we don't want to offend anyone with some colorful language if we happen to go on tilt....hard.

We were formed by a few mates from Australia. However, the bulk of people we play with are from America. Therefore we encourage people from both to apply, we would sure love to have more people in an Australian timezone to play with. However, we enjoy having diversity in our group, so don't let timezones hold you back. We can, and do, work around them.

We run weekly events, and like to do them as a group. The long term goal is to have multiple raiding parties and crucible fireteams achieving everyones' weekly goals. We encourage to play with fellow clan mates to also build a sense of cummunity.

We want our clan mates to be fairly active, no set amounts but just participate when you can. Doing this builds and adds to our cummunity. If a fellow guardian is running strikes, capturing zones or just looking for something to do, join them and hang out. Just recently we helped each other achieve our moments of triumph, a great feeling. We are also active on our group wall on the bungie website. This is a great way to meet everyone when new and to organize events.

The Gold Tint's future:
Hey guardians, it's clan founder, TheGraphinOne. I wanted to share with you my vision for our clan before finishing. I want to expand to 20 clan mates, to continue to build the community. After that we will re-evaluate who we are and what our goals are. This maybe be starting a presence on social media through twitter, twitch or YouTube. We will also look at further expansion whether that be through active recruiting or recommendations. Whatever these decisions will be I encourage you to apply, become the foundation of our clan and be there when 20 clan mates comes around.

In the end if you believe you share the same values, goals and sense of community as us here at The Gold Tint then I encourage you to apply. To apply simply message me here or on PSN at TheGraphinOne.

Hope to raid and wreck with you soon guardians.