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If I were to delete a character, would that character's stats then be subtracted from my DTR profile?

For example, if I have a poor KD on one character and phenomenal on the other two. If I were to delete the poor character, would my overall KD then increase on DTR? If I delete all three characters, would be KD and DTR profile reset? If not, is there a way to do this for year two?

I've seen conflicting comments in both the DTR forums and reddit, so I wanted to check before doing anything permanent.

Unessential context:

I recently switched from a 10' projector to a monitor and my K/D has seen a substantial uptick (boy, I did not realize how much input lag I was experiencing previously). I want to delete two, maybe three, characters in order to start fresh regarding my K/D and to enjoy the story again from start to finish.

Thanks so much for your time, and really appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Kind regards,

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Yes, all the stats associated with that specific character will in fact be removed from your totals.